segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009


Resumo dos dois primeiros filmes

  1. Bella is annoying and moves to Forks.
  2. She meets a sparkly fairy in bio.
  3. Bella keeps bugging the sparkly fairy about her becoming a sparkly fairy too.
  4. Some more sparkly faries come along and try to kill her.
  5. They Don't succeed because of the sparkly fairy.
  6. They go to prom. They kiss.
New Moon
  1. The sparkly fairy and his family goes away and deserts bella.
  2. Bella falls in love with a werewolf.
  3. Bella goes to find the sparkly fairy.
  4. Bella finds him. They kiss. They go back to forks.
  5. Bella hurt the werewolf
[creditos para o Berto por esta descoberta]

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