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Dungeons and Dragons

Imagine a world of bold warriors, mighty wizards, and terrible monsters.
Imagine a world of ancient ruins, vast caverns, and great wild wastes where only the bravest heroes dare to treat.
Imagine a world of swords and magic, a world of elves and goblins, a world of giants and dragons.
This is the world of Dungeons & dragons Roleplaying Game ( D&D ), the pinnacle of fantasy roleplaying games. You take on the role of a legendary hero - a skilled fighter, a courageous cleric, a deadly rogue, or a spell-hurling wizard. With some willing friends and a little imagination, you strike out on daring missions and epic quests, testing yourself against an array of daunting challenges and bloodthirsty monsters.
In this world the imagination is the only limit on what you are:

Brandis is a human fighter, a mercenary who has sold his sword arm to every baronet, duke, and princeling from the mountains to the coast. His armor is practical, lacking of any decoration, and his sword is intended only for battle, nos as a mark of prestige. He prays daily to the Raven Queen - not out of devotion but because he knows that dead is inevitable and he hopes to postpone it as long as possible. He began adventuring after a mission ended in disaster. His soldier companions were all dead, and he was captured by hobgoblins and held for a ransom that no one cared enought to pay. He joined the band of adventurers that slew the hobgoblins. Ha has since found adventuring to be more lucrative and more satisfying that his previous life.

Daran is a half-elf warlord and an enthusiastic tactician. He has no aspirations to march at the head of an army; he is content leading a small band of friends in a quest for personal glory. Wealth is a welcome benefict of adventuring, and between adventures, he enjoys spending his time and wealth in the world's cities. He wins friends easily, draws on a wide network of contacts to find adventuring opportunities, and can call in favors across the land.

Meriele is an eladrin wizard. Although her magic favors powers of thunder and lightning, she stands as a point of tranquility in the storm. To her friends, she seems above the worlds tumult, present in their minds but clearly apart by her nature. In the evenings, while her companions set up camp and settle in to rest, she sliips into a trance and, in her mind, walks among the ageless trees of the Feywild. She smiles at the impatience and impulsiveness of her allies, but yhey are almost as dead to her as her spellbooks.

Kathra is a dwarf cleric devoted to Moradin, the Great Carver who formed the dwarves out of stone and liberated them from their servitude to the giants. Swinging a warhammer engraved with the hammer-and-anvil symbol of her god, Kathra stands next to her fighter companion, trusting in divine power, the chainmail she made herself, and her own natural resilience to protect her from her enemies. Her dearest hope is to craft a legacy that will last through the ages, as beautiful and enduring as the finest dwarven jewelry - a legacy of peace and justice in this troubled world.

In this blog [ ] you can see some stories of our D&D campains, session reports and some characters backgrounds.

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